Re: virus: "Confuse word with thing"
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 22:17:55 EST

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>I think your cautioning of the dangers of mistaking our percetual and
>cognitive models of the world for the world itself is a pretty familiar
>and conservative admonition to most of the folks on this list.

Perhaps so, but I don't think the 'cognitive model' cognitive model, with the symbiosis of critical thinking and tolerance that its logic implies, has been popularized sufficiently as a meme. My perception is that, in this regard, the masses still view the world as 'flat'.

>Pick a purpose for yourself or one will be selected for you, and the
>default purpose-settings aren't likely to promote your happiness. I
>think I read that in a book somewhere. I forget the author's name...
>Brady, Brodly... something like that.

(I would be very interested to know what purpose I come across, e.g. to yourself, as having, strictly for feedback purposes of evaluating my own 'approach'. :)

>Sorry, Chris. I'm being sarcastic here.

Not a problem. I didn't, and _choose_ not to, 'react' :) to it as a such, so it was quite 'painless'.

>No sarcasm in the following question though: What changes would you
>advocate, and how would propose effecting those changes?

I have in mind a meme which views the human being as a "Reaction Machine", for lack of a more accurately evocative term, and for which the subject post is the basis of a thesis. I intend that this meme will consolidate various contemporary scientific models into a new 'cognitive model' of man for himself that will be 'popularly' accessible (or 'user friendly'), and which will serve to better integrate the human complex adaptive system, both individual and social, toward the maximization of its systemic well-being. I would greatly appreciate any collaboration from any interested parties in clarifying my still somewhat vague notions of precisely what that 'systemic well-being' might entail, and the further development of this meme.

Thanks KMO for your feedback,
Chris Turner