Re: virus: "Confuse word with thing"

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 18:04:19 -0800 wrote:

I think your cautioning of the dangers of mistaking our percetual and cognitive models of the world for the world itself is a pretty familiar and conservative admonition to most of the folks on this list.

> However we must be very careful with this tool, and not allow the 'selfish
> memes' (human reaction programming 'viruses') it has spawned to lead our
> nervous systems into self-destructive behavioral reaction self-programming.

Pick a purpose for yourself or one will be selected for you, and the default purpose-settings aren't likely to promote your happiness. I think I read that in a book somewhere. I forget the author's name... Brady, Brodly... something like that.

Sorry, Chris. I'm being sarcastic here. You can frequently save yourself some embarrasment by lurking on a news group or listserve for a few days before posting for the first time.

> We must come to recognize that, with the advent of language and modern mass
> communications, the totality of all human nervous systems comprise a single
> "complex adaptive" system, and adjust our nervous systems' linguistic reaction
> self-programming accordingly.

No sarcasm in the following question though: What changes would you advocate, and how would propose effecting those changes?