virus: Closed-minded Buddhists

joe dees (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 20:41:23 -0500

>>In message <>, KMO <> writes
>>>Well, before you go painting all Buddhists as open-minded, keep in mind
>>>that "Buddhism" covers a large region of belief space.
>>Well, I did say "tend to be relatively open-minded".
>>But admittedly I had Western Buddhists in mind
>>rather than the more traditional sort. As is the
>>case re most of my pronouncements on Buddhism here.
>>I'm much more interested in the interaction between
>>Western thinking and Buddhism than in what I see as
>>being primarily anthropological issues.
>A particularly closed-minded sect is Nicheren Shoshu, whose adherents believe, not unlike some fundamentalist Catholics, that chanting at an altar in a language one does not understand is the One True Key to illumined enlightenment.
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