Re: virus: Life as a Drug War Prisoner

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 17:10:51 -0800

Deron Stewart wrote:
> <<
> by Pete Brady
> ....
> In December, 1994... a dozen police officers
> threw me to the floor and put guns to my head. I'd never been
> arrested; their search and interrogation techniques trashed my
> home and scarred my soul. I didn't just lose medicine, property
> and money that day, I also lost faith in America.
> >>
> Did Pete lose his faith or his phaith?

Perhaps some of each, although the closing paragraphs seem to indicate that his phaith is still hanging on and getting him through the toughest of times while his faith in U.S. justice is in tatters.

That's how I read it, but I don't know Pete Brady personally, so I don't pretend to have any more insight into his mental/spiritual condition than anyone else who's read his essay.