Re: We Shall Fear No Evil (was:: virus: To all sinners...)

the great tinkerer (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 11:38:17 -0500

>Sin doesn't exist in the reality I live in. Listen...if I were to tell you
>that a giant hermaphroditic purple squid in the sky was my personal
>Saviour, who I earn redemption from by dancing around in a silver spacesuit
>to klezmer accordian music and eating peyote while showering myself with
>raisins, would you believe me? I doubt it.
that was very very very very cute kristy... 1st of all: stop
mocking my religion. 2nd of all: do you have a spacesuit. 3rd: i play in a klezmer band, mind if we supply the music...

and yes i would believe you: what is redemption though? i earn my redemption by asking forgiveness from people i have wronged... sins do exist in my reality: wronging anyone *else* is the only sin... and it also helps to measure severity of a sin. how do i figure out if ive wronged someone: do they feel wronged by me?
~the great tinkerer