We Shall Fear No Evil (was:: virus: To all sinners...)

Zloduska (kjseelna@students.wisc.edu)
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 02:57:09 -0600

And so it is written [SG]:

>It's time to say good-bye.

>Like a prodigal <follower>, I have resubmitted myself under the Lordship
of <a dead, ancient idol>.

>Before I leave the list, I'd like to let you all know that no matter how
good you are at <questioning> the truth of <a generic ideology>, you will not be able to <escape> it.

>Until you <degrade> yourself before <a monotheistic deity>, confessing
yourself to be <suffering from a guilt complex>, you will never know (until it is too late) that <a famous dead person> is the ultimate Reality.

The problem here is that your attitude is very "Hellsville" when it should be more "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours".

Sin doesn't exist in the reality I live in. Listen...if I were to tell you that a giant hermaphroditic purple squid in the sky was my personal Saviour, who I earn redemption from by dancing around in a silver spacesuit to klezmer accordian music and eating peyote while showering myself with raisins, would you believe me? I doubt it.