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> carlw wrote:
> > I
> > forget who it was (it may have been Lord Chesterfield) that
> recommended a
> > punctilious courtesy when setting out to insult somebody. I
> would recommend
> > those words to your attention.
> That may be good advice to follow once you have decided to insult
> someone, but I would recommend questioning the utility of flinging
> insults regardless of how punctiliously courteous, literate, or clever
> the insult may be.
> > > Prof. Tim:
> > > Your prejudice knows no bounds (or ethics
> > > either, it seems.)
> Granted, that was an insult, but the inclussion of "it seems"
> did leave
> you the option of clarifying your position without drawing your guns.

Only if the closing parenthesis had been before the comma. It's positioning left no ambiguity. According to Prof. Tim, my "prejudice knows no bounds" and it seems to him that my ethics are suspect. Cheap sarcasm and the accusation of "abuse" muddled in with it left no doubt in my mind where it was coming from, and I decided that the most effective answer was to return it to sender with the effect increased by adding a little wit to the stings.
> > May I suggest that you attempt to maintain a civilized tone
> > when criticizing others.
> I second that motion.
> > Perhaps we will then be bamboozeled into believing
> > that you are not a turgid farraginous mass of viturperation.
> That was a clever and literate (and arguably civil) thing to
> say. Was it wise?

Not wise at all, but extremely satisfying. A bit like passing a motion. Which is better than seconding it - better even than proposing it.
> -KMO

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