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Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 13:46:12 -0800

TheHermit, who is so oft maligned for his lengthy and dry posts culled from numerous internet sources without regard for wit or style, wrote:

>Am I prejudiced. Yes. Bear in mind that prejudice need not be unjustified.
>don't like religion, particularly Christianity, or what religious people
>have done to the world, neither do I appreciate the "stink of piety". Does
>my prejudice know "no bounds or ethics" I don't believe so, neither it
>seems, do my academic peers (including those in the various faculties of
>religious studies) as I have frequently been asked to debate or deliver
>lectures in the summer school programs.

My complements to your notoriety. I can understand why, with a reputation such as yours, you wouldn't want your real name associated with your many postings to this forum.

>It seems that dislike
>for my message is oozing (not to say spurting) from your unsubstantiated
>allegations. May I suggest that you attempt to maintain a civilized tone
>when criticizing others. Perhaps we will then be bamboozeled into believing
>that you are not a turgid farraginous mass of viturperation.

I would hope not! This is live theatre, my dear TheHermit! It is the "turgid ferruginous masses of vituperation" that keep the lurkers tuning in week after week. It has far more entertainment--and I would hope, edutainment as well--value than long-winded posts filled with facts pasted from other sources but without any personality whatsoever to speak of. I would have the reader laugh and cry and rage along with me as I share myself with them. I want to involve them in the folly of being human that I so enjoy! I consider it my small contribution to the Arts.

"Theatre takes place all the time, wherever one is. And art simply facilitates persuading one this is the case" --John Cage

Why, TheHermit, I wonder, do you write?

You have shown from your "analysis" of Paul that you have no real understanding of rhetoric, how it is practiced, or what it is to engage people with your words. (Would you break down Marc Anthony's speech from "Julius Caesar" in the same way, I wonder?) I won't bore you with advice on how to get your posts read completely (for I suspect I am not the only one that begins skimming quickly after the first 90 line paragraph), other than to say this: Respect and love for your audience goes much further in engaging others than rational analysis can. If you can laugh with someone you're much more likely to listen to what they say. And if you listen, you just might hear as well.

(I'm afraid, however, that if you ever learn this you may be truly dangerous. As is, TheHermit, I suspect the majority of your longer posts are of little interest to anyone other than yourself. Are you related to Aaron Lynch by any chance?)

Now, today is far too beautiful a day for me to spend any more time inside in front a little box replying to you. (Lord knows, just reading your post took more time than I had set aside to read *all* my mail today!) So just a couple points and then I'm off to play in the sunshine.

  1. Oops! I typed "some" when the text read "some-one." So sue me!! I actually key-in all the words in my posts and I make mistakes sometimes. It happens to humans sometimes. (Consult your sources if you don't believe me.) Oh, well!
  2. I used the New International Version (NIV) for the same reason I would advise people to read a more modern translation of Beowulf before trying it in the Old English. Why use a Middle English translation of a Latin translation of a Greek text when there has been a good,modern translation from the Greek available since 1972? What kind of idiocy is that? (This relates to the "getting up with the times" question as well, although I don't really expect you to see that through your blinders.)
  3. If including the whole paragraph or entire sentence a quote comes from is "obfuscation," I stand rightly accused.

And now I'm off to enjoy a rare sunny 65 degree Spring day in Seattle! If, on another dark rainy day I find something worth responding to in the rest of your dry, humorless post, TheHermit, I'll be sure to let you know. For now, it's time to go out and play!!!

-Prof. Tim, The Great Obfuscator
(Has a kind of a nice ring to it, don't ya' think?)