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That was a beautiful response so much so that I laughed out loud. And am still smiling as I write this. Thank you. Have a good week end see Ya'll on Monday. I have promised a interview for a local paper on a web site that still only exists in my head. So back to work I go. Thanks again. Best wishes

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>It's like asking for a piece of DNA that's not gene based. The question is
>not which pieces of information are or aren't memes, but rather which
>of information are GOOD memes and which bundles are GOOD memeplexes.
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>Richard wrote:
>>And not all information is a meme. Memes are pieces of information in a
>>whose existence influences events such that more copies of themselves get
>>created in other minds.
>I have been reading and not participating for a wile and I found this idea
>intriguing. I have not been able to come up with a piece of information
>is not meme based. Would you please supply one.
>Thanks for your help