RE: virus: The Alleged Virtues of Faith (was: The Energizer Bunny)

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:18:15 -0800 (PST)

I think I can say with some confidence that you completely misunderstood my metaphor.

Prof. Tim

Carl wrote:

> Tim wrote:
> > If a man is trying to choses which side of coin to cast his
> > lot on, what good
> > does it do to tell him about the atoms and electrons and
> > quarks that compose
> > it, if he cannot even see the metal from which it is cast?
> So instead of telling him about the joy of living in the wonderful and
> exciting universe we all share, we should sell him the lead nickels of faith
> instead? There have been many religions of that kind in the past, invented
> by good memeticists even if they didn't call themselves that. Why do you
> imagine that your brand of nickel is better than theirs? And why should
> anyone want to trade it (buying or selling) in favor of some of the older,
> more established memes? Newer (in a meme field) is not always "better". Just
> because it is "invented here" conveys no benefit to anyone outside the
> coterie of the church of virus. It seems to me that more thought and
> disclosure of your aims and the steps to be taken in order to accomplish
> them, might be more fun - and holds slightly more chance of accomplishing
> anything, than the sterile retilling of tired soil. Unless of course, these
> word games are the final product? The tired old religions have enough
> proponents skilled in the art of mouthing sonorous, but essentially
> meaningless threats and promises. Are you thinking of a better way of doing
> the same? Or of trying something new? If you are planning something new, I
> would hope that you will share your vision rather than play semantic games.