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Alright - milkbone accepted greedily - could you lace it a bit stronger next time.

For all my over rationalizing, I do love my vacation time in Psychadelicland. Your description is the best I have yet heard to describe this difference in perception. The only thing that I would kinda disagree with is that "attitudes" will remain the same. In my case, and others i bet, exploring the nether reaches of the chemical world has definately softened my attitude quite a bit - all other things seem to remain the same - but as a stoner and drug enthusiast, my attitudes are anything but as stable as they were. I think it is a good thing, and makes change easier, but I can see how others would suggest otherwise.

Bill Roh

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> Let a vet throw a mataphor milkbone to all you starving
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> In routine conscious awareness, you are standing directly
> front and center before the door of perception.
> When you ingest a mind-altering substance, idea or
> experience, you shift a little to one side and/or up or down.
> You now can see less that you could before, but you can see
> some things you couldn't see before (although more which you
> could see before is now hidden or overwhelmed). So it's a
> bad deal. Right? Wrong! (because humans have this little
> thing called memory, which allows them to summate
> perspectives, ideas and experiences). So any altered view
> may show you less, but it's an "in addition to" rather than
> an "instead of". Therefore the sum of the shaman is always
> greater, because it includes that lagniappe, the "extra" not
> ordinarily susceptible to view, while still retaining all the
> standard perceptions, cognitions and attitudes.
> Joe E. Dees
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