Re: virus: drug-induced orgy-porgy thing

Zloduska (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:58:58 -0600

KMuthufuckaO wrote:

>> And that's another thing. No real sex, just golf! [1] You know, you're
>> doing a poor job selling this to me...;-)
>It's been a good many years since I read Brave New World, but as I
>recall, the children in that society were encouraged to engage in
>sex-play from a very early age so that everyone grew up quite
>comfortable with that aspect of their lives.

Okay, my bad. But I think I meant the sex isn't "real" because it still wasn't the same. BNW sees the lack of pregnancy and childbirth as a good thing, but for a lot of people, wouldn't that be terrible- to miss out like that? It's been years since I read it as well, and I can't quite remember if they had spouses or not. Sure, they have lots of fun hanky-panky filled days, but do the low-level common citizens have monogomous relationships with a husband or wife? My point is, reading it, I still saw their form of 'fun' (sex and sports) to be more of a substitute in many ways. Like margarine.

>> [1] The drug-induced orgy-porgy thing doesn't count, although it does
sound fun.
>Oh great. Here I've gone and invested all this time, money, energy, and
>social capital in the drug-induced orgy-porgy thing, and now you tell me
>it doesn't count? Ungh!

No- go to town with the orgy-porgy. 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may', or something like that. ORGY PORGY ORGY PORGY ORGY VIRUS PORGY!

By the way, an informal CoV poll. Answering only in your own mind will suffice:
Is it better to be accused of being ignorant, or guilty of arrogance?

~kjs, who favors the former