virus: drug-induced orgy-porgy thing

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 00:11:04 -0800

Zloduska wrote:

> And that's another thing. No real sex, just golf! [1] You know, you're
> doing a poor job selling this to me...;-)

It's been a good many years since I read Brave New World, but as I recall, the children in that society were encouraged to engage in sex-play from a very early age so that everyone grew up quite comfortable with that aspect of their lives. One of the first signs that there was something wrong with the sub-optimal "Alpha" male character, the one who people thought may have received a dose of alcohol in his amniotic fluid, appeared when he was very young and playing in the bushes with a little girl. He started crying, and the little girl didn't understand what was wrong. A nearby adult reassured her that everything was fine and encouraged her to go find another sex partner. Has anyone on the list actually got a copy of BNW on hand that they could consult to double check against my memories?

> [1] The drug-induced orgy-porgy thing doesn't count, although it does sound fun.

Oh great. Here I've gone and invested all this time, money, energy, and social capital in the drug-induced orgy-porgy thing, and now you tell me it doesn't count? Ungh!