RE: virus: The Alleged Virtues of Faith

Deron Stewart (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:55:57 -0800

Deron wrote:
If this forum is truly supposed to be a "Church" it had better find a home for faith. I think the slogan "Faith in Reason" would be an excellent catch-phrase for Virus! Embrace the "enemy" -- a little memetic judo! Might move this endless debate forward one step...

I was outside stacking wood after I sent this note. While I was there I had a related thought. It was this:


<faith is bad> is a memetic loser -- a real dog, regardless of its truth value.

Since CoV is supposed to be memetically engineered for success, why is it betting on such a loser as its fundamental creed?


No point in my developing this line of thought any further since KMO has already done it better than I could in his last post...