virus: shell games

Reed Konsler (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:48:39 -0500

>> Agreed. The inquisition was an act of fear, not faith.
>> Hatred, fear, anger, rage, revenge, bloodlust...each cloaks itself
>> in sheepskin.
>Nice thought - but wrong - Fear driven by faith. Necessitated by that faith.
>Reason cant make that claim. Reason cannot drive fear and does not fead fear
>or bloodlust or the others. Faith calls for death and destruction
>explicitly. That is the difference.
>Bill Roh

We differ in opinion. Communism is a "rational" least, it cloaks itself in reason. The "Red scare", the RAND corporations upside-down game theories...all of these were abject fear cloaked in reason and mathematics. Many times fear drives reason, and reason produces. Now, you go ahead a cleave everything negative from reason and put it in some other category...even the stormtroopers were dressed in shining white armor. If you can shuffle categories like a Kantian shell game, I can shuffle all the faster becuase I don't claim to be completely rational.

Try me.


  Reed Konsler