Re: virus: alpha and beta errors

Sun, 14 Mar 1999 21:37:41 -0800

Eric Boyd wrote:

> KMO:

> Do you
> perceive a comfortable semantic distance between "having confidence in
> the reliablity of your intuitive judgements," "trusting your
> intuition," and "having faith that you will intuitively know when to
> tip the scales and which way to tip them?"
> >>
> Sure. I can trust myself without invoking any kind of "evidence of
> things unseen".

Do you think the sentence "I have faith that I will intuitively know when to tipe the scales and which way to time them" invokes "evidence of things unseen" any more than either of the other two sentences? That's not a rhetorical question.

> Generally, I closely monitor my own intuitions to see
> if they pan out, and work at training them to be more accurate.
> That's what engineering is all about.

Do you keep written records of your hunches and wether they panned out? Do you have "data" or just "impressions" based on your memory of a few experiences that stand out in your memory?

> And gullible or dogmatic, you're easily manipulated.
> >>
> Exactly.

I hope everyone realizes how much I have to overstate my thoughts on the matter of faith and the limits of rationality in order to maintain a sense of contention in this discussion.