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Re: virus: Expression is the breath of life

Zloduska (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:43:17 -0600

Reed wrote:

>>I'm of two minds here. Is it possible for both of you to be right? I
>>think that's the truth, but others might call me crazy or just plain wrong
>>for thinking so.
>Could you and Oprah both be right? Would I be crazy to think so?

It depends on what she's right about. She can't be all wrong about everything, and neither can I. I don't think she's pure Evil; I don't personally know the woman. What pissed me off was when she made a public judgment against my age group. I don't like it at all when complete strangers think they know what's best for me in my personal life. Especially when they are incorrect and presumptous.

>>What a card, him. I think he is as equally essential as Reed is, and not
>>on a lower level simply because he's not an 'intellectual'. And none of
>>- -that- is relevant to my intrusion of your discussion, but it goes to show
>>why I don't believe in social hierarchies. Aren't people just wonderful?
>Brilliant! Encore! Encore!

Oh Reed, I could write VOLUMES about our crazy customers. They are my favorite part of the job (besides free homemade ice cream that is). I may earn a mere pittance compared to others on the list, but I doubt anyone else's occupation is so delightfully surreal and otherworldly.