Re: virus: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Sat, 13 Mar 1999 12:30:43 -0800

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Eric Boyd wrote:

> > To give a mechanical analogy, ignorance is like a
> > ball sitting on top of sphere. It may be stable, but the least little
> > nudge can send it flying off into space. A position based on
> > knowledge and understanding is more like a ball sitting in a bowl --
> > it takes a very large bump to make it unstable.
> Or to move it out of its rut, that single powerful strange attractor.
> Imagine the first example, but with the ball magnitized and the sphere of
> polished iron. How much more dynamic is that system, compaired to your bowl?

Balls are made to roll, bounce, and fly off into space. Let it fly, man. You can always put it back on the sphere later if you think it's important. Play ball, Eric. If you chase it far enough, you just might run into a smart and sexy net-chick who'll join you in the game. Imagine what fun that could be.