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Fri, 12 Mar 1999 16:18:27 -0600 (CST)


"I am more than what you define and delienate me to be" Elizabeth Wurtzel

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, KMO wrote:

> Bill Roh wrote:
> > Here are some questions - I am interested in the opinions of the people
> > here.
> >
> > Are American moral values getting better or worse?

Morals are on the upswing. Equality abounds. To demonstrate this, one of the local radio stations airs a job add and proudly states in conclusion "we are an equal opportunity employer. Handicapped and women please apply."

> Both and neither. The Evil Empire is in ruins and amoral Global
> Capitalism rules unchallenged. If US Racism were a corporation, it would
> probably generate a lot of investor enthusiasm with the anouncement of
> an IPO, what with record numbers of Americans spending time in the penn
> where safety lies in membership in race-based prison gangs and the war
> on drugs... blah blah blah, you've all heard me rant on that topic so
> I'll move on.
> > Do members of the right political wing actually feel that they have superior
> > morals than the rest of us?
> I expect that they do. Seems to be a pretty common dillusion at all
> levels of the socio-economic-political foodchain.

individual socio foodchain.

> > If so, what is the cause of this sense of moral superiority?
> Us good; them bad.

I'm trying to make a choice from my list of determined choices. Who's us? Who's them?

> > Is the right wing unduly paranoid? Or is the threat to their way of life
> > legitimate?
> Iceburg, dead ahead, but it's not just the right-wing cabins that will
> be filling with chilly water. I don't pretend to know how political
> power will be transformed in the next few years, but, like every other
> aspect of our lives, it will be transformed, and the "liberals" in
> Washington don't strike me as being any better prepared to surf the
> change than their right-wing peers.
> -KMO