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Sodom (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 09:49:48 -0500

Thanks KMO for taking the time. I agreed with everything you put down, and would have answered pretty much the same way. When I asked these questions, I was wondering if the words "right political wing" could easly be changed to "NRA, NOW, Liberal left" etc... Mainly as a kind of test of the "Us vs Them" meme. The more I look at it, the more I see this meme as a guiding factor in much thought and action, all the way to duality. It makes me wonder if this line is blurred between meme and gene. Any input would be helpful.

Bill Roh

> Bill Roh wrote:
> > Here are some questions - I am interested in the opinions
> of the people
> > here.
> >
> > Are American moral values getting better or worse?
> Both and neither. The Evil Empire is in ruins and amoral Global
> Capitalism rules unchallenged. If US Racism were a
> corporation, it would
> probably generate a lot of investor enthusiasm with the anouncement of
> an IPO, what with record numbers of Americans spending time
> in the penn
> where safety lies in membership in race-based prison gangs and the war
> on drugs... blah blah blah, you've all heard me rant on that topic so
> I'll move on.
> > Do members of the right political wing actually feel that
> they have superior
> > morals than the rest of us?
> I expect that they do. Seems to be a pretty common dillusion at all
> levels of the socio-economic-political foodchain.
> > If so, what is the cause of this sense of moral superiority?
> Us good; them bad.
> > Is the right wing unduly paranoid? Or is the threat to
> their way of life
> > legitimate?
> Iceburg, dead ahead, but it's not just the right-wing cabins that will
> be filling with chilly water. I don't pretend to know how political
> power will be transformed in the next few years, but, like every other
> aspect of our lives, it will be transformed, and the "liberals" in
> Washington don't strike me as being any better prepared to surf the
> change than their right-wing peers.
> -KMO