virus: Lurking analogies

Tue, 09 Mar 1999 09:14:03 -0800

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Speaking for myself, at the moment of orgasm I'm no longer even in the
> room--there isn't even a room big enough to hold me or an atom so small I
> can't find a whole universe inside it at that moment. I am, for a few
> seconds that can be an eternity, well beyond such concepts as "here and now"
> and floating effortlessly through the "there and wow!" in a place no one can
> go and return from the same again. This is what it is to trancensend the
> act, the moment, the world... myself.


> Of course, I'm talking here about when I'm making love to someone I care
> about and love deeply. When I masturbate, the orgasms are very "here and
> now" and nothing more. Hardly worth the time, by compairison to the real
> and present experience of another.
> (There's an analogy to religious exeperience and the scientific in there
> somewhere, I think. Or maybe not. Who knows?)

I thought I saw an analogy between genuine religious experience and the forced observance of pale religious letchery, but my perceptual and cognitive filters are such that I find that analogy lurking in resturant menus, street signs, and cereal boxes.