Re: virus: trancendent

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 00:08:55 -0800

ERiC wrote:

>Interesting. I'm not offended, although I am curious as to why you
>view trancendence that way. Trancendent means "above and beyond"[1],
>to me; whereas an orgasm is very "here and now".

Depends on what you're getting "above and beyond" doesn't it?

Speaking for myself, at the moment of orgasm I'm no longer even in the room--there isn't even a room big enough to hold me or an atom so small I can't find a whole universe inside it at that moment. I am, for a few seconds that can be an eternity, well beyond such concepts as "here and now" and floating effortlessly through the "there and wow!" in a place no one can go and return from the same again. This is what it is to trancensend the act, the moment, the world... myself.

Of course, I'm talking here about when I'm making love to someone I care about and love deeply. When I masturbate, the orgasms are very "here and now" and nothing more. Hardly worth the time, by compairison to the real and present experience of another.

(There's an analogy to religious exeperience and the scientific in there somewhere, I think. Or maybe not. Who knows?)

-Prof. Tim