Re: virus: pale religious lechery
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 09:10:51 EST

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<< This is complete bollocks, I've had my ass pulled out of many a very, very sticky situation by Christians practicing universal Goodwill. And even the simplest among them could not possibly assume, from looking at me, that I would ever even begin to share their faith!>>

Ever try telling people that you are an atheist when they want to talk about religion? After several engagements like that, I have found that goodwill evaporates very quickly. It is mostly when they can imagine, or fantasize that I could share their faith, that the goodwill floweth freely. When the disillusion sets in, it amazes me how horribly UGLY things can get.

<<You're talking out your ass again, Joe. If there is one thing I can say generally about most Christians, they are creatures of habit. And practicing Goodwill is instilled in them habitually.>>

Yes, I suppose I could deceptively take advantage of their habitual natures and keep their delusions of my faith or potential faith alive. Unfortunately they have this nasty habit of wanting to talk about religion (often regardless of other's desires), and claiming to value honesty. The thing that turns this into an ugly situation is that I value honesty too.