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Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 15:58:21 -0500

>Try and step beyond: "Reason good, faith bad, me name Og"

If 'faith' is what continues one on the path to a goal, then 'faith' is the 'reason'. Is there not, however, always a 'reason' behind one's 'faith'?

Simply following because it _seems_ right is what most of us here (well, me) think 'faith' is. A blind, practically, and possibly, although not necessarily, stupid adherence to a path. There is no inherent reason with a paucity of empirical knowledge to dismiss this path out-of-hand. Then again, no-one has really shown us any baby hidden in this bath-water....

Again, if 'faith' is your 'reason' - then - which _is_ it? Would not only the 'faithful' continue to use the same 'faith'- and are we not really talking about 'faiths' that have
_become_ reasonable due to results? That is, the 'faith' that the sun will shine tomorrow? The 'faith' that optimism might produce smiles? The 'faith' that hard work and practice might produce expertise and craftmanship? The 'faith' that a cultural heirarchy can be maintained?

Wade T. Smith
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