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The quality of being open to examination, review, and criticism is usually referred to as "open-mindedness." No matter what metaprogram someone uses -- faith, reason, or (recommended) a combination -- she can be closed-minded or open-minded. I know plenty of pig-headed rationalists. Remember Neo-Tech?

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At 07:39 AM 3/8/99 -0800, Richard Brodie wrote:
>I think I'm with you, but one can pretty much construct a story S(x) to
>demonstrate anything. That reduces your theorem to "one can construct a
>of reasoning R(x) to show anything is useful," which I happen to agree
>but I bet you don't.

You bet wrong. The advantage of having R(x) is that it is open to examination, review and criticism by others. If you have made a false assumption or error in reasoning, someone can point out your mistake. Faith does not allow that possibility. This is extremely important if, like me, you don't have all the answers already.

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