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I would guess that it is a contraction from "endo" (meaning 'within') and "optic" (meaning 'of sight') in the same way as 'endo' and 'odontics' (meaning 'of teeth'), which are combined to form 'endodontics' which is used to describe the treatment of diseases of the pulps of the teeth. By extension, this would then mean the field of treating diseases occurring within the eye, and given the "otherworldly" discussions that have beset us recently, I suspect the disease in question is that of "seeing visions". While I for one would generally ascribe this to brain chemistry anomalies primarily in the frontal lobes, I suspect, from the way it has been used here (from "cognitively archetypical"), it indicates seeing elderly bearded white men sitting on thrones (and calling it God?) and golden winged creatures (more generally called angels?)...

If this is what was meant, then the words were effective, as a moments thought left me with this as the subconscious meaning only verbalized after I thought about your question. If this is not what was meant, maybe whoever wrote the words in the first place will rewrite them in such a way as to form the correct image.


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> What does "endoptic" mean? WWWebster's didn't have an entry
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