virus: Transcendent

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 10:21:04 -0800

TOTD for 02/04/99

To experience transcendence means to be removed--not from self and world, but from that hall of mirrors in which the two endlessly reflect and determine one another.

-Palmer J. Parker

I must remind myself
again and again
not to linger on any of these images
to take one step at a time
and to acknowledge myself
for my courage
in this difficult situation.

-Paul Williams

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Reed Konsler wrote:
> >Reed, I'm confused by your last word above. I have always thought of
> >trancendent as distant, cold, white-haired-stiff-god-on-a-throne kind
> >of thing. I had categorized what you were preaching as more of an
> >immanent theology[1], a -fuck-yea-I'M ALIVE- kind of thing. Did you
> >really mean trancendent?
> Yes. I hope this doesn't offend you...but the image which most clearly
> comes to my mind when I think of the word "trancendent" is the moment
> or orgasm.
> But, in a sense, I have experienced that moment as a chill, hair-raising
> I can't disagree with you.
> Reed
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> Reed Konsler
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