virus: Re: virus-digest V3 #62

Reed Konsler (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 13:12:28 -0500

>Reed, I'm confused by your last word above. I have always thought of
>trancendent as distant, cold, white-haired-stiff-god-on-a-throne kind
>of thing. I had categorized what you were preaching as more of an
>immanent theology[1], a -fuck-yea-I'M ALIVE- kind of thing. Did you
>really mean trancendent?

Yes. I hope this doesn't offend you...but the image which most clearly comes to my mind when I think of the word "trancendent" is the moment or orgasm.

But, in a sense, I have experienced that moment as a chill, hair-raising I can't disagree with you.


  Reed Konsler