Re: virus: Sweet Jesus

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 21:59:00 -0500


From: Reed Konsler <> <<
There is a universe of human experience out there to enjoy...and some of it, some of the sweetest, the juciest spiritual, religious, and trancendent.

Reed, I'm confused by your last word above. I have always thought of trancendent as distant, cold, white-haired-stiff-god-on-a-throne kind of thing. I had categorized what you were preaching as more of an immanent theology[1], a -fuck-yea-I'M ALIVE- kind of thing. Did you really mean trancendent?


[1] Distinguish and *accept*. I have always had more respect for immanent theologies than trancendent ones. Immanence can be summed up either as "God is with us" or, perhaps more commonly, "I am (a part of) God"