virus: Re: virus-digest V3 #60

Reed Konsler (
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:21:59 -0500

>Faith maintains belief in contradiction to reason. Faith does this by holding
>a representation (the article of faith) in principle exempt from rational
>criticism. This is why the faithful can believe things in contradiction to
>evidence and reason.

We are talking about big and small. If you offer a credit card for your dinner and it gets rejected, and then you offer another...why should the waiter even try? How is it that you can be a dead-beat with one company and in good credit with another? It's inconsistent...but it pays for dinner.

These are small things, small faiths for small needs. They smooth over the rough edges, forgive our embarrasment, and help us to live with one another. You and I, we are lucky not to have big needs, and as yet not ambitious enough to aspire to really big dreams. In this interm, God is a small thing for us...we get by on our own feet. That's good.

Faith isn't for us at this time. Faith serves in time of desperate need, and in time of grandious ambition. In the mean time, we cut our humble vegetables of life with occam's razor. And, we are content.


  Reed Konsler