Re: virus: Sex in the brain
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:22:02 EST

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<< >When I say
>"get out and live a little"
>I only mean
>"accept the fact that ALL justifications can not
>be ever be completely rationally criticized.

So, you have to take some things on faith. Exactly my point. Exactly my point.>>

No. You continue to use the word "faith" in a way that I don't. But we have been down this road before. "Faith" is not synonomous with "trust", "hope", or "commitment". Not every assumption is faith. Not every belief in a yet to be actualized goal is faith. Not every time that I take somebody's word for something without checking directly myself is faith. Not every moment I cross the street and expect to make it to the other side is faith. Pancritical rationalism does not mean that all representations are IN PRACTICE held open to rational criticism. As we have both agreed, that way lies maddness.

Faith maintains belief in contradiction to reason. Faith does this by holding a representation (the article of faith) in principle exempt from rational criticism. This is why the faithful can believe things in contradiction to evidence and reason.