Re: virus: Word up, Eric!

Dave Pape (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 00:30:33 -0800

At 01:52 04/03/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dave Pape wrote:
>>"I believe Mr Rhodes is allied yet
>>to the cro-magnon Virus clan. I have some flint which would benefit from
>>some crude knapping, but my fingertips are too soft- perhaps he would

I like the way hardly any of the JOMskis are actually real attached-to-proper-universities academics, IE Hans-Sees is something like a research assistant, Aaron's a lab technician and the people at Uni of Western England (which was a probably a catering college until 1987) are employed by the parapsychology department or something. Still, you know, they use ordinally numbered references and can do calculus, so hats off I s'pose.

>Ahh, Dave, it's so good to have you back at last! I've missed you.

You suppress the bad memories Mr Rhodes, and if I hadn't been carefully erased from the archives I'd prove it.

>>Well even if I get above the status of tribal initiate, I never pass
>>stroppy adolescent status, [...]
>Oh really?!? Hmmm...

Stop trying to scare everyone. Alright, perhaps I'm just a born leader of primates with an exquisitely modest temperament, or a dark poet covering my deeply interesting self-doubt with armour of difficult genius. What's important to me is that I come across as a bell-end.