Re: virus: Word up, Eric!

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 01:52:30 -0800

Dave Pape wrote:

>Yeh, so I'm back. My problem is, I'm not that interested in starting
>churches but I'm not that serious intellectually that I fit in on JOM-EMIT.
>Some of their attitudes towards people in virus are fkn hilarious, dunno if
>you lot keep track of them, things like "I believe Mr Rhodes is allied yet
>to the cro-magnon Virus clan. I have some flint which would benefit from
>some crude knapping, but my fingertips are too soft- perhaps he would


Ahh, Dave, it's so good to have you back at last! I've missed you.

>>Unfortunatly, the level 3 membership ranks have swelled to at least
>>three (Brodie, Reed and Tim), making all communication rather
>>"flowery" around here.
>Well even if I get above the status of tribal initiate, I never pass
>stroppy adolescent status, [...]

Oh really?!? Hmmm...

BTW, he really has no idea what flowery speech is until he sees you when your on a roll, eh, Dave? :-)

-Prof. Tim