Re: virus: Swollen Ranks

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 02:18:34 -0800

Dave wrote:

>>Does it have to be a 'camp' thing though, as in us against them?
>Sssssssslightly. Partially. I mean, it's definitely there, though I'm sure
>if Tim Rhodes EG learns the complex and dry songs of JOM EMIT and sings
>them consistently for a while, he will be initiated.

And then, once inside the glittering walls of their irory tower... MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!

>Oh yeh, I'm right with you on that one. Listen, I'll post some of my "lots
>of culture is really about status" stuff when I've even half got it thought
>out, then... well, at least it might explain my apparent obsession with
>list hierarchy.

The only people who don't believe in the list hierarchy are the ones at the bottom of it.

-Prof. Tim