Re: virus: Have a Coke and a Smile!

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 00:58:34 -0800

Just a little talking about talking here for a moment. (To satisfy my own needs, of course, and not any of yours. If you get something out of this don't blame me--that was never my intent.)

Jake wrote:

>I don't think that is exactly your point, though. Faith is a specific and
>clear limitation on rational scrutiny. It is the holding of some
>representation(s) to be in principle exempt from rational scrutiny.

You're aware of course that what you are saying above could be accurately paraphrased as:

>Wait a minute, what your saying isn't what I'm arguing about. Therefore
>you can't be being genuine, because I just know I don't argree with you,
>Reed. This here is what you really must mean, even thought it has nothing
>to do with what you're actually saying..."

But you knew that already, right?

Just sittin' here listening (might try it some time--does wonders)- -Prof. Tim