Re: virus: reality

David McFadzean (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 17:11:20 -0700

At 01:46 PM 3/3/99 -0500, Reed Konsler wrote:

>Not at all. My purpose wasn't description (such a silly
>purpose, don't you think?) but catharsis.

Fine with me, I just wanted to clarify.

>Just sitting here makes me smile. I am fulfilled. That
>doesn't mean I stop moving, but it does mean that I don't
>stress about it. I have everything I need. Now, it is
>time to play. Don't you want to play, David?

I do play. I see this discussion, this list, this "religion", in fact all of life as a game. I don't play to win, I play for the joy of playing. Didn't you notice?

I fully concede that my last move (analyzing your rant) wasn't the best one possible. Live and learn, you know?

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