Re: virus: Which is it?

Bill Roh (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 19:01:15 -0500

>KingsXfan wrote:

> >"It is better to give than to receive."
> >Maybe this maxim isn't true. But if it is, I don't understand logically why it would be. If we take it as true by faith, perhaps it would prove itself. But do we >necessarily need to take it by faith?
> >Whaddaya think?
> >SG

Tonight, I made a meal for my wife. Just a sandwich, nothing special. I made some little flags with paper and put them on toothpicks so that the sandwich would look like it was from some cheezy restaurant. I dress up the plate real nice and all. When i gave it to her, she smiled, and laughed out loud. Tis truly better to give, for that moment I was filled with the thought of her happiness, her pleasure. It was good.

This moment is typical of the moments I hunt for. If your brain is wired that way, then the pleasure of giving will always be a lot bigger than receiving. It is for me anyway. Now I suppose that it could be said that in actuality, I am just looking for ways to get brain candy, using "giving" as a coin in the gumball machine of the brain.

Bill Roh