RE: virus: Killer arguments against religion?

Zloduska (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 23:41:34 -0600

Bill wrote:

>Love the idea of an "Evangelical Atheists Pack". And would be willing to add
>to that all day. I'll be glad to canvas. We need a comic (illustrator) to
>put together tracts like the "Chick Tracts". For those of you who don't know
>what a "Chick Tract" is: Jack Chick is a hardcore Baptist (I think Baptist)
>who writes those threateningly delightful little comics that other fanatics
>hand out at bus stations, train terminals and public events. Here is the WWW

There is a HILARIOUS (at least, to me) comic strip called "Jesus" on the BabySue zine ( website, which is pretty warped.



ps: And while you're there, please check out the "Jesus Hates Stupid Homosexuals Like You" article; you'll die laughing.