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A pagan spoof of the Jack Chick tracts called "The Other People" was done by the Church of All Worlds (the outfit that puts out Green Egg magazine).

At Mon, 1 Mar 1999 10:54:19 -0500, you wrote:
>HAHAHA - yes, I don't remember you very well, but for a new introduction,
>you're the balls. "Nailgun the fucker to my cellar floor" With my sense of
>humor, Ill be laughing for a while. What a delightfully gruesome thought.
>I'm picturing in my head all the jackasses I have learned to despise, and,
>while licking my lips, considering the sound of nails penetrating their
>flesh only to get stuck in the floor.
>That was nice, now on to something less productive but more socially
>Love the idea of an "Evangelical Atheists Pack". And would be willing to add
>to that all day. I'll be glad to canvas. We need a comic (illustrator) to
>put together tracts like the "Chick Tracts". For those of you who don't know
>what a "Chick Tract" is: Jack Chick is a hardcore Baptist (I think Baptist)
>who writes those threateningly delightful little comics that other fanatics
>hand out at bus stations, train terminals and public events. Here is the WWW
>for my favorite and disgustingly humorous imitation of a Chick Tract, go to:
> Some people
>will not like this comic, but when you are done, examine the lower left
>frame very carefully for the "full" effect.
>Im all for helping this cause, and will donate time, art and even a little
>money if you are serious. Sounds like good clean fun to me.
>Bill Roh
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>Subject: virus: Killer arguments against religion?
>I get a lot of evangelical junkmail: I'm in South London now, near an
>active jehova's witness cell, and there's a baptist church in Elephant &
>Castle that mails out and puts up posters around the place.
>I've spotted a couple of posts in the archives- Eva, Sodom & Hermit (hello
>youse people) about inconsistencies in the Bible etc, and I wondered if
>anyone could help, because what I fancy doing is working out an evangelical
>atheist pack. It could go on a website in multimedia, and maybe I could
>print them and put a few "Find Out The Truth About Your Existence" ads
>around locally, charge postage for a printed version.
>Has anyone discovered any arguments that're particularly tricky for
>believers to escape from? I'm thinking about including demos of evolution,
>memetic (ish) interpretations of religion, that sort of stuff. Sorry this
>is so ill-formed, I'm gently collecting ideas for a website and it's a bit
>random just yet.
>Oh, excuse me: I just spotted someone I took a dislike to and, there being
>no God to guide my actions morally, I've decided I'm going to nailgun the
>fucker to my cellar floor.
Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

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