Re: virus: Killer arguments against religion?

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Mon, 01 Mar 1999 22:35:48 -0800

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>(note that as of posting, that server was not responding to me)
>I don't know how well it would work in practice, but essentially it
>relies on quoting the New Testimate versus which refer to the
>Christian necessity of giving if asked (both the general version and
>the one about the shirt on your back are quite clear), and then merely
>asking for the Christians money/shirt because, long before you're
>going to let them evangilize you, you've got to be SURE you've got a
>REAL Christian in front of you (quoting versus about false prophets at
>this point).
>The real snare comes after they've given money (which won't happen to
>often -- usually they will turn away, I'm betting). Once they have
>"met your bet", you up the anti with Mark 16:15-18, which claims that
>true Christians can "handle snakes" and "speak in tounges" and "drink
>deadly poision without it hurting them"... at this point, you produce
>your vial of arsenic, and present it to them... to be sure you've got
>a true Chrisian.

Niiiiiiice. This caused strong sensations in my brain and body. I think some plagiarism might be in order. I reckon getting some Jehova's witnesses speaking in tongues on video would be great. Stream it from a website.