Richard Brodie (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:08:36 -0800

Dave Pape,

Glad you're back. I was just in the UK at Dennett's presentation...too bad you couldn't make it there. I did meet Nick Knowles, although too briefly squished between jet lag fatigue and an insurmountable invitation to have wine and cheese with Dawkins, Dennett, Simonyi, and Dawkins's lovely wife Lalla Ward , the artist and former actress on "Dr. Who."

Re Level 3, I do deliberately use the "level" designation to "hook" people. There are several purposes to this, most of which you can probably figure out with a bit of thought. However, the fact that it's packaged as a "hook" does not speak one way or the other as to the value of the contents of the package. It only means I'm savvy about its marketing. You can, will, and apparently have made your own conclusions as to my motives. Nevertheless, I'll continue to "sell" the ideas I think benefit people: self reliance; that our beliefs influence our behavior; that knowing what you want is essential to success in life; that it's possible to learn and grow, even in level of consciousness; and "Getting Past OK".

But I'm not sure we disagree all that much. The levels are a teaching method, not the Truth. Anyway, welcome back.

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