Re: virus: Logic Nazi--tripping on your shoelaces

Dave Pape (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 12:52:02 -0800

At 15:26 27/02/99 -0600, Maggs wrote:

> Levels of what.......?

Hello everyone. Been lurking for a bit, was away for ages. Back now, sniffing around the edge of the campsite, assessing the body-smells and the levels of tribal seniority. As usual, can't make head nor fkn tail of either.

The Church should set a sort of religious calendar. calendars are a kind of early form of meme-transmission aid, aren't they? Big cultural feedback loop, each event cues recall of the next, until new year's eve cues recall of new years' day and round you go again. the Festival of the Argument About the Three Levels (La fiesta de los disputaciones de las tres planas) could be a kind of springy equinox event.

Sorry Maggs, this /fully/ isn't me getting at you, I totally promise making all SORTS of submissive bodily gestures, I just picked up on the eternal rhythm of viral life through your email. the 3 levels thing is a rich brodie trick to make you buy his book. It worked on me, I went on and on about what crap the idea was and eventually him going "how d'you know, you haven't read the book" got to me, I read the book, 3 levels is still crap.

Peace chil'en

Dave P