Re: Re: virus: Re:[genius] Sexism

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:53:23 -0800

Bryan wrote:

>This is an excellent point. I have seen many people in our society,
>including myself on occassion, taking the victim role. Your attitude and
>philosophy allows you to move beyond that to become a intelligent free
>thinking woman. Great:-)
>As I understand it, part of the MO for this list is to create people that
>can think just like you. As a question to the list, am I correct here?

Well, we do grow a good, hearty breed of Prophet in this here wilderness,

that's for sure.  And now we have a set of Laws to boot!  If the big boys
aren't shakin' in their temples right now it's only because they won't know
what's hit `em until it's too late.

-Prof. Tim