Re: virus: Being a slave to <reason> leads inevitably to delusion

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 01:08:40 -0800

Jake write:

>(Reed) must have changed some since. He wildly jumps from
>one sinking ship to another, argues that any word can mean just
>about anything, frequently drifts off in erratic tangential monologues
>that seem only intended for himself, constantly makes wild guesses
>as to what I might mean when I say something, even when I have
>already told exactly what I mean on several occasions.

Yes, I agree, he _is_ one of the most talented writers on this list. (And that's saying a lot! This crowd is blessed--though I know not by what or whom--with a great many wonderful writers.)

But, shhh! I think I hear him coming this way...

-Prof. Tim