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Reed Konsler (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 10:19:02 -0500

>Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 16:37:16 -0600
>From: Bob Hartwig <>
>Subject: Re: virus: Showers
>The difference is that Jake aren't trying to convince you that Nazi
>ideals are somehow good, and they aren't trying to convince you that deep
>down you actually have those same ideals.

If that is their belief, then they are in error. Oh, yes...according to my present viewpoint, of course.

>It is possible to strongly disagree with somebody's views on faith, while
>respecting that person as a fellow human being. Why can't we "work
>together towards the fulfillment of our universal human goals" without
>agreeing on faith issues? What's wrong with agreeing to disagree?

Nothing. All I'm asking is that we leave the question of the good/evil or useful/uselessness of God/Religion/Souls/Faith on the table as unresolved, context dependent and rich with possible meaning. It is a principle I embody. I'm willing to agree to disagree forever. But I will not flee the issue when adressed about it, and I will raise it whenever I think it would be fruitful to do so. If the words I use make people uncomfortable, then I will rationally criticise my own motives and ask "am I doing this the best, least painful way I know how? Is this really necessary?" As I think on those questions now, My answer to both is yes.

Can you say the same about Nazis?

Do you REALLY BELIEVE what you are saying, or are you trying to rub my nose in an ironic contradiction in order to put me in my place. Give it up already! I know my place. I am, you are, we are mortal, human, unified across categorical divisions by our common nature. Is it so vile and terrible that I say so?


  Reed Konsler