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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 16:37:16 -0600


The difference is that Jake aren't trying to convince you that Nazi ideals are somehow good, and they aren't trying to convince you that deep down you actually have those same ideals.

It is possible to strongly disagree with somebody's views on faith, while respecting that person as a fellow human being. Why can't we "work together towards the fulfillment of our universal human goals" without agreeing on faith issues? What's wrong with agreeing to disagree?

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>>>Two points. I tell you I find a word offensive: "Nazi".
>>>You now have a choice to use that word or use another
>>>to convey the same meaning. With the rich vocabulary
>>>at your disposal I can only assume it's intentional.
>>>What purpose did that serve. It's like I said,
>>>"don't touch me there" and you go poke, poke, poke.
>>Does that give you some insight about the way some feel
>>about the word "faith"?
>Bingo! It's almost like you're telepathic.
>In this case I'm forced to cause those people discomfort
>in order to help them interact more fully with the
>vast majority of people, most of whom believe in God
>or faith of one sort or another. I do this acknowledging
>the temporary pain I am causing becuase I know that
>there are a great many good, friendly, warm, loving,
>courageous, trustworthy, magnificent people who
>also claim one sort of faith or another. It is my great
>desire to bring the people here in closer contact with
>this community of people, becuase I think both groups
>have much to learn from one another. I think such an
>interaction would be fruitful, and furthermore that the
>believers (based on my personal experience) are desperate
>to close the gap between reason and faith with us, so that
>we might work together towards the fulfillment
>of our universal human goals.
>Can you say the same thing about Nazis?
> Reed Konsler