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>>Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 16:50:35 -0600
>>From: Bob Hartwig <>
>>Subject: Re: virus: Showers
>>>Two points. I tell you I find a word offensive: "Nazi".
>>>You now have a choice to use that word or use another
>>>to convey the same meaning. With the rich vocabulary
>>>at your disposal I can only assume it's intentional.
>>>What purpose did that serve. It's like I said,
>>>"don't touch me there" and you go poke, poke, poke.
>>Does that give you some insight about the way some feel
>>about the word "faith"?
>Bingo! It's almost like you're telepathic.
>In this case I'm forced to cause those people discomfort
>in order to help them interact more fully with the
>vast majority of people, most of whom believe in God
>or faith of one sort or another. I do this acknowledging
>the temporary pain I am causing becuase I know that
>there are a great many good, friendly, warm, loving,
>courageous, trustworthy, magnificent people who
>also claim one sort of faith or another. It is my great
>desire to bring the people here in closer contact with
>this community of people, becuase I think both groups
>have much to learn from one another. I think such an
>interaction would be fruitful, and furthermore that the
>believers (based on my personal experience) are desperate
>to close the gap between reason and faith with us, so that
>we might work together towards the fulfillment
>of our universal human goals.
>Can you say the same thing about Nazis?

There are many transcendant monotheists that you can't say this about (and I speak from vast and sad experience).

> Reed Konsler
Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

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