virus: bloody golden crucifix

Sun, 21 Feb 1999 10:37:57 -0800

Zloduska quoted someone who wrote:

> >>Of course, we all possess a certain amount of masculinity and femininity
> >>within us. Yet it is plain (to me at least) that the amount of masculinity
> >>in women is very small, and that they are almost entirely feminine. (I
> >>grant there may be exceptions.) Men are also very feminine, but there is
> >>enough masculinity inside them to make a significance difference to their
> >>personalities and lives. The presence of this extra smidgeon of masculinity
> >>is the primary reason why men are the ones who create, sustain and influence
> >>civilization, create the new technologies and artistic masterpieces, and
> >>continue to dominate and rule in most areas of society to this very day.

Who wrote that?

Zloduska appearently thinks:

> This person is saying:
> purple = orange
> yellow = blue.

You think so? I take this person to be saying that every woman has a guardian angel who reminds her to be sweet, while every man has one of those same guardian angels plus a gang of arch-angels who remind him to be brave, trustworthy, strong, and brilliant. At least that's the interpretation that my exegetical arch-angel, Bruno prescribes, and the wisdom juice bubbling up from my Y chromosome indicates that Bruno speaks the truth. My sweetness angel is just cooing in my ear. She never says anything of much weight.

> The fool. This paragraph demonstrates choosing to define of "masculinity"
> and "femininity" in your own favor.

> I could easily say: "Femininity means being caring, thoughtful, emotional,
> nurturing, affectionate, non-violent, etc...and masculinity means being
> brute, dangerous, coarse, and uncivilized. Women possess mostly feminine
> traits, and men, masculine. Therefore, since I am a woman, I am inherently
> superior." Oh, but only *I* would sound like a fucking moron for stating
> the same thing in opposite terms, right?

Well, if you were to make an argument of that quality we could only assume that you're a man posing as a women for pedigogical effect.

> >>Because of their relative lack of masculinity, women in general are at a
> >>huge disadvantage when it comes to philosophy and spirituality.

Well, duh. They got just the one angel while we men each have an elite unit of philosophy, spirituality, and leadership comando-angels. (Huh, huh, huh. I said, "unit." That was cool.)

> <hostile outburst> Fuck you. Fuck you up the ass with a bloody golden
> crucifix. I am what I am, all that I am, and it's not fucking Popeye the
> Sailor Man. Bullshit, bollocks, tripe. It may have worked when you did to
> the blacks, the jews, homosexuals, and a million others, but you're not
> going to do it to me.</hostile reaction>
> You know what really saddens me?

Your previous paragraph and my sarcasm, I hope.

Take care.