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Personally, I see nothing wrong with the idea of Santa Claus *itself*. I remember Christmastime in my childhood quite fondly, and that included visits from Santa.

You have the right to attack the Santa-myth, and the choice of parents to perpetuate it, but are the people on this list who are Anti-Santa much different on this issue from my encounter with a hardcore-Xtian on Usenet? Many Christians also rant about the evil of Santa Claus, and throw Bible quotes in response to its defense. Judge for youself:

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Date: 1998/12/14
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> Case in point- me. I was raised Catholic. You say that beliefs don't harm,
> but in fact they do. I was raised being told LIES.

I agree you were.

> Most Christians don't realize this, but try being told one thing your entire
> life, a lie, and then waking up and having all these hang-up, false
> and illusions implanted in your mind.

I most definatley realized this, false doctrines, the Trinity, started by the Catholic church, comes to mind.

Here comes Satan Claus here comes Satan Claus... Did I say Satan Claus? Yes I did. Telling your kids lies about a fat man dressed up in a devils suit. Hang up your green wreaths and trees to ward off evil spirits. To boast,show off, and show how "good" make sure you help people during this time of the year, the season for giving.

There is no season for giving. Give all the time. If your kid needs a pair of shoes, do not make them wait for christmas, just give them the shoes.


Do not get sucked into the Satan Claus mess.

Yes, son I lied to you, there is no Santa Claus. He is really Satan Claus, he comes to dilute the real reason for the season. The time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Oh, but there is another twist, we do not know when Jesus was born. In fact the day we celebrate his birthday was changed from January 6th to December 25th.

If you really want to go deep it can be shown he was born around September 22nd 3BC. This would be a very indepth long paper. I will email it to anyone that wants it. There are some prophecies inthe Bible people have figured out recently that will blow your socks off.

His birthday is irrelevant though. Celebrate and praise Jesus everyday.

Learn not the way of the heathen.

"In Rome, in the third century A.D. sun-worship, became the dominant official creed, paving the road for the ultimate triumph of Judaeo-Christian monotheism. So strong was the belief in the Invincible Sun (Sol Invictus) that for example Constantine I (d.337), himself at first a devotee of the sun cult, found it, indeed perfectly compatible with his pro-Christian sympathies to authorize his own portrayal as Helios. And in 354 the ascendant Christian church in the reign of his pious but unsavory son,Constantius II, found it prudent to change the celebration of the birth of Jesus from the traditional date (January 6) to December 25, in order to combat the pagan Sun god's popularityhis "birthday" being December 25." - Guy Cramer

I quit going to church for a number of years, but I found(or did it find me) a church that is straight Bible.

All it took for me was someone to ask me to go to their church. I had deemed them all social gatherings and quit going. If she was nice enough to ask me to go I would nice enough to go.

The very second I walked into that church I knew I was home.

Sometimes you just got to shout: THANK YOU JESUS

Some day Velvet Elvis, he will find you too.


preacher of Zen Catholicism,