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20 Feb 99 10:11:45 -0800

I would still say that suicide can be bad or good, depending on the circumstances. Should it be illegal? I can't see it making much difference once you're dead.

So, people go off of base assumptions "killing is bad" (an emotional powerhouse)

then when a situation comes along where "killing is bad" is a root assumption, if you have the evidence on the killing, you can determine if "killing was bad" in this case. Assisted suicide is a good example. I for one feel that suicide is the choice of a person. A Catholic will disagree.

Catholic Root

Doctor kills patient

"Killing is bad"

"God is Real and condemns suicide" View: Assisted suicide is bad, Doctor is a killer and patient will go to hell

My view

Doctor Kills Patient

"killing is bad"

        "Personal freedom is god - patient was suffering"
            "compassion for fellow being is good"
View: Doctor is merciful, problem solved.

So, as a guess, how many "base assumptions" hold our worldviews together? a million, 500?

Bill Roh


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